Norwegian Forest Cat Personality

The Norwegian Forest cat, or ‘Wegie’ for short, is a domestic cat that hails from Northern Europe and is one of the most popular pets in Sweden, Iceland, France and of course, Norway. They are highly adaptable to cold climates because of their beautiful, abundant coat made up of water-shedding hair and a wooly undercoat. The Norwegian Forest cat’s personality is friendly, calm and gentle. They are intelligent and friendly and some have described the character as “dog-like”. The cats are generally adaptable, inquisitive and bold. Norwegian Forest cats are really good with children and other animals, making them perfect family pets.

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality And Temperament

The first Norwegian Cat club was established in 1934, and the first Forest Cat was exhibited at a show in Oslo, Norway. However, the destruction of World War II nearly led to the annihilation of the breed, and crossbreeding with Norway’s shorthaired domestic cat (called the hauskatt) threatened to dilute its bloodlines.

Norwegian forest cat personality. The Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian Cat could not be more different in terms of how allergenic they are. The Norwegian is highly allergenic and should be avoided by people that are generally allergic to cats, while the Siberian is extremely hypoallergenic and tends to fit well in homes of people with allergies. The Norwegian Forest cat is an easygoing, sweet, mild-mannered and people-loving cat. An active and playful breed, the Norwegian Forest cat retains their kitten-like behaviour well into adulthood. They are natural athletes with an excellent climbing ability; they love to be up high, so it is essential to provide them with cat trees or high perches. The Norwegian Forest cat (Norwegian: Norsk skogkatt or Norsk skaukatt) is a breed of domestic cat originating in Northern Europe. This natural breed is adapted to a very cold climate, with a top coat of glossy, long, water-shedding hair and a woolly undercoat for insulation. Although this is uncertain, the breed's ancestors may have been a landrace of short-haired cats brought to Norway by the.

Maine Coon Cat vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Personality If you love furry cats, the Maine Coon cat or the Norwegian forest cat are some of the breeds you could consider. Both have fluffy coats as they are cold climate felines, and they are pretty large compared to other cats. Norwegian Forest Cat Personality, Temperament, Lifespan, Grooming, and Health Advice. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, slow-maturing breed, with strong legs, a long body, a bushy tail and striking eyes, . Hardy, intelligent and muscular, 'Wegies' love to climb and hunt. Norwegian forest cat: characteristic and behavior! Discover this wonderful breed on Dogalize. The Norwegian Forest cat is a domestic cat native to Northern Europe. This cat belongs to a natural breed adapted to the cold climate of Northern European. Those are cats very gentle and friendly.They love their owners but are not dependent.. Origins

Norwegian forest cat personality Perhaps luckily for us, the Norwegian forest cat’s personality does not live up to its wild history or appearance. They are sweet, gentle and a little shy around new people – but also very friendly and sociable after you win their trust. Once comfortable, they enjoy human companionship and thrive in a family. Discover the world of the Norwegian Forest Cat! We cover everything you want to know about this beautiful cat breed in this complete guide. The Norwegian forest cat personality is extremely family-oriented. They’re playful, sweet, and generally accepting of their surroundings. This outgoing breed wants to be friends with everybody and loves to cuddle, but they’re not really lap cats. Wegies prefer to lay beside you, especially during warm weather when these winterized cats need.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a strong, solid, muscular cat that is somewhat similar in type to the Maine Coon.It has been suggested that the Norwegian is an early ancestor of the Maine Coon and perhaps of the long-haired Manx variety, as well. Called the “Norsk Skaukatt” in its homeland, this cat has a long, dense double coat, with a coarse outer layer covering a thick, wooly undercoat that. The Norwegian Forest Cat is native to Norway, with a history going back hundreds and maybe thousands of years. He figures in fairy tales and legends, one being that the Norse goddess Freya’s chariot is pulled by six giant cats.. Personality. The gentle and friendly Norwegian Forest Cat—Wegie, for short—is fond of family members but. The Norwegian Forest cat's face has more of a triangular shape to it where the Maine Coon cat's is more squared with a slight wedge, like a lion. The Norwegian Forest cat's forehead is very flat where the Maine Coon cat has more of a gently rounded curve.

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality. Intelligent and resourceful, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a mild-mannered breed that adapts easily to its environment. They are very interactive cats who enjoy being part of their family environment and love to play with anyone who enjoys a game!. Some enthusiasts think the Norwegian Forest cat is the Maine Coon's direct ancestor. (After all, we know Norse settlers occupied modern-day Newfoundland during the 11th century C.E.) The idea speaks to the many similarities between these long-haired, big-bodied breeds. Yet as Sandra Cagan will tell you, there are plenty of differences as well. The Cat Fancy in Norway started in the 1930s and out of it grew a movement to preserve the Forest Cat as the Norwegian national breed. The movement was interrupted by World War II and was not resurrected until the 1970s when changes in Norway had improved the chances of the shorthaired housecats' survival.

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality Traits. The Wegie is a very family-friendly cat. It is no doubt one of the nicest breeds to own, regardless of how many kids or elderly family members live at home. While it is true that most cats can be trained and conditioned to be compatible with a family and kids,. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to help you care for and build a strong relationship with your Norwegian Forest Cat. From breed information to health and care, our aim is to give you the resources you need as an owner, future owner or Norwegian Forest Cat enthusiast. Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Personality . Black Smoke Norwegian forest is much-loved cat breeds known for its fluffy coats. They are intelligent, affectionate, and loving and they get along with family members easily. Norwegian Black Smoke is a low maintenance cat and does not demand constant attention like other cats. The average size of.

Personality: The Norwegian Forest Cat is a sweet, loving cat. She appreciates praise and loves to interact with her parent. She makes a loving companion and bonds with her parents once she accepts them for her own. The Norwegian has never forgotten her heritage. She is still a hunter at heart. Personality: The Norwegian Forest Cat is a sweet, loving cat. She appreciates praise and loves to interact with her parent. She makes a loving companion and bonds with her parents once she accepts them for her own. The Norwegian has never forgotten her heritage. She is still a hunter at heart. Personality: The Norwegian Forest cat is a sweet, loving cat. They appreciate praise and loves to interact with their parent. They make a loving companion and bonds with parents once they accept them for their own. The Norwegian has never forgotten their heritage and is still a hunter at heart. They love to chase toys as if they are real and.

Norwegian Forest cat personality. Though the Norwegian Forest cat may have a wild and storied history, it is a sweet and gentle breed. Most Norwegian Forest cats are: People and family oriented; Playful; Adventurous; Norwegian Forest cats can be a little shy around new people at first, but they are friendly and sociable after you win their trust.

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