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Mini Bernedoodle; Home; Purchase 1-2-3; 812-821-6166 contact us; 812-821-6166. Mini Bernedoodles. Scroll down to see our current litters. Our puppies are usually reserved long before they're born. If you would like to be included on the waitlist for these and future litters, click the link below. Mini Bernedoodle. is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a mini poodle. This hybrid blends the clever goofiness of the poodle with the placid loyalty of the Bernese. What’s more, the bernedoodle is low- to non-shedding, and is a safe bet for most people with allergies. No two bernedoodles are identical.

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Mini Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale The Mini Bernedoodle is a companion dog! The breed inherits the intelligence of its Poodle parents and the charming, goofy, happy-go-lucky temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Mini Bernedoodles are happiest when they're spending time with their families, children included, and are

Mini bernedoodle puppies illinois. On April 10, 2019, our champion-bred Bernedoodle Izzy gave birth to seven adorable F1b Miniature Bernedoodle puppies. These puppies are currently living with our family in Illinois and will be available to go home early June 2019. Toy Goldendoodle Puppies & Tri-Color Mini Bernedoodle Puppies in Illinois. Maple Valley Puppies’ Past Adoptions. Hi Micah, I wanted to give you guys an update on Milo (formerly Stan). He is a wonderful pup with so much energy and personality! He is such a goof ball, so smart, and healthy! Thank you guys so much! Mini Bernedoodle Puppies. Our beautiful Mini Bernedoodles will be a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog female and a Miniature Poodle male. This is known as an F1 Mini Bernedoodle, which is a first generation cross that is considered to be the healthiest of all Bernedoodle crosses. Our Mini Bernedoodles typically range from 25-35 lbs full grown.

Walnut Valley Puppies is the best Bernedoodle breeders in Illinois near Chicago. We specialize in F1, F1b, Standard, Merle and Mini Tri-colored Bernedoodles. MINI BERNEDOODLE PUPPIES FOR SALE. Mini Bernedoodles are a small breed that brings a lot of fun and companionship to a family without requiring excess space. Mini Bernedoodles do wonderful with children, and they love to play with a touch of a goofy side! As a designer breed, Mini Bernedoodles bring the best from both the Bernese Mountain Dog. Available Mini Bernedoodle Puppies. Central Illinois Doodles has a new litter of all Tri-colored F1 Mini Bernedoodles 3 boys and 5 girls were born on May 13th. Expected adult weight from this litter is 30-50 lbs. Diamond & Bo – Litter of F1 Miniature Bernedoodle Puppies. Breed: Bernedoodles.

They are started on both crate training and housebreaking practices as well. These puppies have a 3-year health guarantee. This is one of the most reputable Bernedoodle breeders in Illinois. Bernedoodle Puppy Information: Sizes: Standard and Mini Bernedoodle puppies; Generations: Multi-generational Bernedoodle puppies; Bernedoodle Breeder. Micro Bernedoodle Size. The micro mini bernedoodle is expected to mature at 10-25 pounds depending on the size of the sire and dam. The Tiny Bernedoodle Coat. The micro mini is considered more of a non-shedding or very minimal shedding bernedoodle due to being an F1B cross and possessing more of the non-shedding poodle gene. The Miniature Bernedoodle is a beautiful crossbreed between the Miniature Poodle and the Bernese Mountain dog, both originated from France and Switzerland respectively. One look at this breed and you may think it was bred for its striking physical appearance; contrary to this, the Mini Bernedoodle was actually bred for its low shedding capability as this makes it a tad hypoallergenic and.

Current Bernedoodle Puppies – Mini & Standard. Each Puppy. is vet-checked, vaccinated, covered with plenty of TLC, and comes with our 2-year health guarantee. Our beautiful BerneDoodles have sweet temperaments—they are extremely smart, loyal and good-natured. Some consider them a designer dog. Hello our name's are Willard & Edna and we live on the open prairie in Central Illinois. We converted our horse pastures and our horse barn into a beautiful home for our Bernese Mountain Dogs and our sweet Bernedoodle puppies. Our 3 sons also have some Bernese Mountain Dogs and our 2 daughters are raising Tiny Bernedoodles so it's turning into a family affair. Windy Acres Puppy Adoptions provides a trusted source for a family raised mini bernedoodle puppy. Atwood, Illinois. Call/Text Randall @ 217-722-9615 [email protected] USDA Licensed. Hours : Central Time Zone.. You can be confident the available puppies and their pictures shown are accurate and up to date.

Goldendoodle Breeder & Bernedoodle Breeder of Integrity: Our Puppies Are Family. Welcome to Central Illinois Doodles! We are a professional Goldendoodle breeder & Bernedoodle breeder raising happy, healthy, well-socialized Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies from genetically health-tested parents, which ensures we have the best Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle puppies available. Home » Mini Bernedoodle Puppies » Rapunzel. DAM SIRE. Rapunzel Add To Favorites. $5,500.00 Mini Bernedoodle Puppy. Note from the breeder: This sweet babies were born September 9, 2020. They are very playful and outgoing. The proud parents are Koko and Hitch. Miller’s Koko is a 80 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog and Hurricane Hitch is a 18 lb. Choosing AKA’s Bernedoodles as your breeder, you can count on healthy, well-socialized puppies. Our Tri-Color Bernedoodle dogs are well reputed in Chicago, Batavia, Naperville, St. Charles & all over Illinois.

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies of Illinois!! *Note: We can fly your puppy to your airport for $350, or deliver directly to your house anywhere in the Continental US for $500-600 (depending on ticket prices). Or we can drive to meet you halfway for free (up to 3hrs one-way) Erica’s Doodles has been breeding Goldendoodle puppies in Illinois for over 11 years now. In addition to Goldendoodles, they breed tons of different doodle types including the Sheepadoodle, Bernedoodle, and Australian Labradoodle on their 10 acre property in Illinois. This means that they understand the doodle dog inside and out. Devoted Mini Bernedoodle or Miniature Berenedoodle puppies are an F1 hybrid between a Toy, Mini, or Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog which varies the puppy's genetic inheritance, making them healthier. Companion dogs' size varies. Some "designer dogs" grow 15 to 40lbs with a semi hypoallergenic coat of different colors and textures.

Depending on the breeder, there is a great size range in the mini-bernedoodles. Some breeders use miniature poodles, other toy poodles, to obtain the smaller body size. Mini bernedoodles can range anywhere from 15 pounds to 40 pounds depending on the dogs used for breeding. HC Bernedoodles specializes in these special mini-bernedoodle puppies. Eldon Plank is a breeder located in Arthur, IL who currently has a cute litter of Mini Bernedoodle puppies. These lovable pups are vet checked and up to date on shots and wormer. These great pups can be registered with the CKC and come with a health guarantee provided by the breeder. To find out more about these whimsical pups, please contact. We breed and raise happy healthy Mini Bernedoodle puppies in our home. We live on 4 acres in Central Illinois. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook. Bernedoodle_Acres on Instagram and Bernedoodle Acres on Facebook. Mini Bernedoodle Available. Our Puppies are $3000 with a $500 deposit. We will have a Spring 2021 litter.

Being centrally located in the Midwest, we are less than an hour from St. Louis and an easy two hour drive to central Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. We are happy to meet our customers from Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and others.

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