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7 Low Maintenance Pets for College Students Are you looking for an animal companion that is ideal for a college environment and won’t cost you a ton to care for? Well, there are several animals that have the potential to be amazing pets for college students… I'm currently a college student living in a campus apartment. Seeing as how I've always wanted a pet, but can't afford a dream cat or dog due to current circumstances, I want a pet to suit my current needs. I'm looking for a very low-maintenance pet that is interactive but also doesn't mind my absences. I am usually gone during the day and even sometimes a lot of the night due to class, work.

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4 Low-Maintenance Pets 4 Low-Maintenance Pets. By Jennifer King Lindley. Updated May 20, 2014 Skip gallery slides. Save FB Tweet. More. View All Start Slideshow Jamie Chung. Somewhere between a puppy and a pet rock lies (or swims) the best low-maintenance pet for you. Real Simple.

Low maintenance pets for college students. In addition to allowing pets on campus, some schools have gone as far as to have animals visit for a bit of “puppy therapy” for study-weary students. Harvard and Yale have taken this concept a step further—students can “check out” a dog from the library (don’t worry, the dogs remain safely in their “offices” where patrons visit. With all these limitations and conditions considered, here are the 7 best low maintenance pets for college students: Fish; There is probably no better pet for a college environment than the creature that spends all its time in a bowl or tank of water. A pet fish is the best animal to have in a college dorm because it takes very little space and. Top 13 low-maintenance pets for kids. Having a pet join your family is one of the most rewarding, powerful and exciting things you can do. But it can also be very difficult. Having a pet is a big lifestyle change. Below, we’ll cover the basics of some of the most popular animals to have as pets for kids, debunk the myths and hopefully give.

iStock. Pets aren't limited to furry creatures or fish. Conservatory garden worker Elliot Blacker, founder of Evopure, recommends stick insects—also known as stick bugs—as the perfect low-maintenance pet.Their small, twig-like size makes them easy to home in small spaces like "small glass containers" or "cages around 12 inches tall," and their dietary habits are not intense either. Comical appearance aside, basset hounds make great pets for college students. They are very outgoing and friendly dogs, and they are relatively smart too. They won’t lose their minds when you head off to class in the morning (they’ll likely just go back to sleep), and despite their rabbit-hunting history, they’re pretty low-energy pups. Our list of 14 pets that both won't devour the household budget while also remaining low-maintenance, cheap, and lifestyle-friendly includes animals such as insects, reptiles, fish, and even a crustacean. They're all relatively easy to care for, as most cheap pets are, but will provide years of affection and camaraderie.

Low-Maintenance Dorm Room Pets. Not only are small pets easy to care for, they can be left alone during long school days. Kept in aquariums or other enclosures, they bring a homey feel to a dorm room while still allowing a student the freedom to pursue academics as well as a full social life in college. Something small in a cage or tank. One of the students should take responsibility for it as “his” if you part ways, and you need to come to an agreement regarding how vet care is managed and paid for. Anything larger would inevitably wind up aband… Low maintenance pets for apartments and other living situations not suited for more high-energy animals can be hard to find — but we've got some! By Kirstie Landry Mar 21, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. These days it seems as though pretty much everyone has a pet of some kind. There are a lot of reasons why this is true.

Hedgehogs are quiet, friendly, low-maintenance animals that would make great pets. Unlike the other small animals that are legal here, hedgehogs do not have dander and are actually hypoallergenic and would make great pets for people that want a small animal but suffer from allergies. 10 Low Maintenance Pets for College Students Safest Pets September 12, 2019 Guinea Pigs , Low Maintenance Pets , MORE , Pets for All , Rabbits , Safe Pets List No Comments College can be a very difficult time for many people. Small animals can make great, low maintenance pets. That being said, each living creature still needs a proper living environment, a healthy diet, care and nurturing from its owners and adequate medical attention. If this all sounds like something you can provide for your pet, talk to the veterinarians at the United Veterinary Center for advice.

I had a bearded dragon when I was in college. He was low maintenance but they do need a large-ish tank. I had him in a 10 gallon until he turned one then I upgraded him to a 20 then 40 gallon. They do need a heat lamp on all day so your electric b… If you’re a busy person, low maintenance pets are the best bet. Are you trying to decide whether you’d prefer a dog, cat, guinea pig, or parrot as a pet? When you’re bringing a pet into your life take a bit of time to think about how you will fit into one another’s lifestyle. If you’re a busy person, low maintenance pets are the best bet. For those people, low maintenance pets could be the answer. If you're one of these people and are looking for low maintenance pets for children or adults, these are ideal. 1. Hamster, gerbil or mice These small rodents are great fun, offer some feedback and respond to their owners. They are also relatively easy to look after.

However, despite these difficulties and responsibilities, fish—especially starter fish—remain one of the easiest, most low-maintenance types of animal to care for. Because of this, they’re a great option for college students with a busy schedule and very little spare time. 3. Insects and arachnids They are not low-maintenance pets,. but even then they are not recommended as pets for college students. Exotic animals like Sugar Gliders are very expensive and high-maintenance animals– they require expensive foods or have difficult habitat requirements despite their small size. Additionally, many roommates and apartment complexes might. One of the different types of pets to have in college are guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are basically like giant hamsters. Although they need a bigger cage, they are great first pets.However, they can live from around 5-10 years, so make sure that wherever you go outside of college, you are allowed to have pets.

Top 3 Low Maintenance Pets. All of that said, there are some pets that are consistently easy to care for. Check out our picks below! #1: Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice, Rats, Hamsters, and Other Small Mammals. These small mammals or “pocket pets” require daily care and clean cages. Otherwise, though, many of them are relatively tough and self. 10 Low Maintenance Pets for College Students Safest Pets September 12, 2019 Guinea Pigs , Low Maintenance Pets , MORE , Pets for All , Rabbits , Safe Pets List No Comments College can be a very difficult time for many people. Source: Many people tend to prefer small dogs. Because small dog maintenance cost is the lowest compared to any other dogs or young dog.So people prefer small dogs. So here we have to give information about the Chihuahua dog with a popular and low maintenance cost.

Low maintenance pets for apartments have to be exactly that, low maintenance. You probably have limited space and limited time. You want companionship but you can’t really go about spending all your money and time on it. Then there is the matter of apartment rules to consider. Many apartment buildings do not allow pets.

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