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Famous Grey Cat Names. Graham (Ed Sheeran) Purrfect (CeeLo Green) Nick (Eva Longoria) Tabby (Abraham Lincoln) Cairo (Rapper Macklemore) Kitty Purry (Katy Perry) Ollie (Comedian Ricky Gervais) Kitty (Rapper Kreayshawn) Meredith Grey (Taylor Swift) Grey Cat Names from Movies A list of Movies Cat Names for Boy cats! Find the perfect name for your kitty by searching our list of 1500+ names by category!

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Here are some cat names that can be associated with those grey hair-coated cats! I hope this helps you find the perfect name for your cat! I hope this helps you find the perfect name for your cat! If you can’t find a name for your gray cat below, check out the Ultimate Guide to Naming Your Cat .

Grey cat names from movies. Famous Grey Cat Names Tabby (Abraham Lincoln) Cairo (Rapper Macklemore) Ollie (Comedian Ricky Gervais) Kitty Purry (Katy Perry) Nick (Eva Longoria) Meredith Grey (Taylor Swift) Purrfect (CeeLo Green) Graham (Ed Sheeran) Kitty (Rapper Kreayshawn) Grey Cat Names from Movies. Tom (Tom and Jerry) Scratchy (The Simpsons) Hazzy (Day Of. One of the most popular gray/grey cats is the Russian Blue. In the cat world, most people refer to these beautiful grey cats as "blue" because their natural coat has a bluish tone. Maybe you need the "Russian Cat Names" page? Cat names from Disney movies. There have been many cats featured in Disney works, starting with Mickey's original nemesis, Peg-Leg Pete. The film Pinocchio featured Figaro, a kitten so cute Minnie adopted him in the shorts.. Same film also featured the more anthropomorphic scoundrel Gideon.

We selected 60 names based on dogs and cats from classic movies including Lassie, Lady and the Tramp, the Wizard of Oz, and more. We divided them into 40 dog names and 20 cat names, but you can definitely name your feline after a pup or vice versa. After all, it's your pet and you are the best judge on which moniker fits best. Grey cat names from movies. In addition, we figured this section would also be the perfect place to add our favorite grey cat names from movies: The kitten from Day Of The Night (1973). Well, she doesn’t have a name- but we would’ve names her ‘Hazzy’. Marty, from Elle (2916). The grey cat from Coraline. Why not name your cat ‘Coraline. This list of fictional cats and other felines is subsidiary to the list of fictional cats.It is restricted solely to notable feline characters from notable animated television shows and film. For characters that appear in several separate television series, only the earliest series will be recorded here.

The popularity of the breed has seen British Shorthairs being the go-to cats for popular movies and animation, like the Cheshire Cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ the sword-fighting feline in Puss in Boots, and various other cats in ads and movies. The English Cat, as the breed is sometimes known as, is a compact and heavily built feline. Popular Movie Cat Names from Rover Users. These are the top 20 most popular cat names in Rover’s extensive cat name database. I paired them with movie characters and creators for some cinematic inspiration. Luna—Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter movies) Oliver—Oliver Twist (Oliver!) Lily—Lily Luna Potter (Harry Potter movies) Disney makes some of the best children’s movies. Many of these movies feature animals like cats and dogs. The following list of names includes the best Disney cat names. In addition to using names from Disney cats, it also includes a few names from other characters that could also double as a cat name. 1.

Best Cat Names from Movies. These cats had starring roles in feature films. Why not reuse these cat names from movies for the new leading kitty tearing up the red carpet (maybe literally) in your home? (See above for more Disney-inspired names and below for “Harry Potter” inspired names.) Buttercup This collection of names for grey cats includes both grey female cat names and grey male cat names. Grey cats are some of the most beautiful of all cats and often have sharp, penetrating yellow or green eyes, which contrasts in a very cool way with their gray coat. Gray Cat Names Inspired by Nature. Gray is not a boring color! A stone inspired name might fit your cat as would one based on stormy weather or even quiet yet mysterious weather conditions like clouds or fog. Gem stones are usually thought of as girl names but Diamond, Slate and Charcoal would fit for a boy.

Disney Cat Names for Boys. Though it may seem a bit “girly” to name a cat after a Disney character, rest assured that there are obviously plenty of “boy” names in Disney movies and shows alike. The list below are all boy names that are all inspired by Disney: Remember Mufasa and Simba from The Lion King? What perfect names for your new kitten or cat. If you are obsessed with pop culture, here are 130 famous cat names you'll want to check out. Match your new pet's distinct personality with a fitting name like Mr. Bigglesworth, Colonel Meow, or Grumpy Cat! Grey Cat Names: Conclusion. As you see above, grey isn’t boring. Our list includes 175+ grey cat names that range the gamut from funny to tough to translations and so much more. If you have other grey cat name ideas, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment below. We use your ideas to keep our site fresh. More Cat Name Ideas

Funny Grey Cat Names Ironic Names for Grey Cats. Stolen from my ironic cat names article. If you’re into ironic cat names, but none of the following strike your fancy, try popping over to have a look at the article for some more ideas. Ginger; Goldie; Rainbow; Mouse (shared by Eiona) Cool Cats: Names After Famous Grey Felines. Berlioz (from. brooke on July 17, 2019:. what about Nina or Nino. Ellie on November 08, 2018:. My cat is named auggie we thought she was a girl but we were wrong.I also have a toy cat. It is so cute! FlourishAnyway from USA on April 18, 2018:. I’ve spayed and neutered hundreds of feral cats over the years and became the clinic I take them to requires a name for each, I’ve named them all. At PetPress we love our pets of all shapes and sizes. We have special categories for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and house pets. We are also proud of our free tools including a pet meme generator and a pet name generator.

Cute kitten names for grey and white kittens. Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. Sometimes the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration. We have over 10.352 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin. Obviously, a name is so important. It helps to define your kitty's personality, and when you think of the right name, it just fits. But first, you probably need a little help brainstorming, and if you have a new grey cat in your life, you're in luck. We've come up with a list of 110 fabulous names that might be just right for your silvery new. Cat Names From Movies. Purr-sonality.. I have a good grey cat name. My cat is named Smokey. Reply. Ariss. June 1, 2016 at 11:57 pm. the first one is my cats name 🙂.

When choosing cat names, many people select one that brings with it certain associations or meaning. Famous cat names are a great choice because most people will recognize the connection to a famous feline and it can be a great way to associate certain traits with your kitten. Or perhaps you already see some similarities between your kitten and a particular prominent or popular cat.

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