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Give us a cat with hair! Long beautiful hair! Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen! For long haired cats, the hair goes well past the shoulders. Everyone loves a soft, fluffy kitty cat. They're like plush toys come to life. There are different types of long haired cat breeds. Keep reading for more info on your hairy little friend. Longhair Cat Breeds. Share: Facebook Twitter.. Balinese cats have long svelte bodies and sapphire-blue eyes. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Balinese cats have long svelte bodies and sapphire-blue eyes. They are a mutation of the Siamese breed. Birman. Birman cat. The Birman is known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma.”.

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Here is a list of the top cat breeds with pictures: Persian Cat. Alternative Names: Longhair or Persian Longhair. Origin: Iran. Breed Description: Long haired breed of cat that has a short round face with a wide head. It has a thick coat , large eyes and a shortened muzzle. Average Lifespan: 12-17 Years . Bengal Cat. Alternative Names: N/A

Grey cat breeds with yellow eyes long hair. Chartreux Full Profile . Korat. Breed: Korat cat; Size: Small-Medium, 5 to 11 lbs; Personality Snapshot: Loves being the center of attention, craves constant companionship and can get jealous of other pets.; As you can clearly see, I’m a beautiful grey cat with emerald green eyes. And ‘though I’m not vain at all, I do love being admired. Most Popular Blue Cat Breeds: #1 – British Shorthair. #2 – Russian Blue. #3 – Chartreux. #4 – Korat. #5 – Nebelung.. Home All Breeds Wallpapers. Search. Size Smallest Small Medium Large Largest Coat Hairless Short Hair Medium Hair Long Hair Characteristics Hypoallergenic Cutest Fluffy Best House Rare Wild Exotic Color White Black Grey Blue. Among many cat breeds, grey and white cat breeds are common. There are always good looking gorgeous pets features in many TV shows and advertisements. Even on the internet, the vast amount of cat images are from grey and white cats. However, these grey and white colour patterns are not from a single cat breed.

It was simply a domestic shorthair with a Blue (what dark grey is called in cat colours) coat. If you want one similar – go adopt one from a shelter. Note, though, that breed or colour has NOTHING to do with personality – that's individual to the cat. Your best bet for a sweet, friendly cat would be to adopt an adult cat. In the world of cats and their coats, the colour 'blue' refers to a cat with a grey coat. Grey cats usually lure people in with their beautiful coat which brings out their brightly coloured eyes. Here are our top 5 grey cat breeds: Grey cat #1: the Chartreux. Originally from France, the Chartreux is a calm and sociable cat. Most Popular Black Cat Breeds: #1 – Maine Coon. #2 – Bombay. #3 – York Chocolate. #4 – Chantilly-Tiffany.. Home All Breeds Wallpapers. Search. Size Smallest Small Medium Large Largest Coat Hairless Short Hair Medium Hair Long Hair Characteristics Hypoallergenic Cutest Fluffy Best House Rare Wild Exotic Color White Black Grey Blue. Kitten.

Some breeds of white cats stand out for the coloration of their eyes. Let’s begin with our list of white cat with blue eyes breed: Selkirk Rex cat. The Selkirk Rex is a cat breed from the United States, 1988. This cat is characterized by its curly hair, which is the product of a genetic mutation. Known as the historic blue cat of France, Chartreux are one of the three breeds that come in only grey. “They are a very robust cat in body, but have a delicate boning,” says Keiger. “Their coat is dense, but with a wooly texture, and ideally it will have breaks, just like a sheep’s coat does.” The color in this cat is a solid down to. A blue cat is like a shadow – but can also shine like silver. There is nothing dull about an even grey coat of a beautiful cat. It is very elegant and brings out those marvelous eyes very well, no matter what the eye color. There are not that many blue cat breeds, and some say they all look similar.

The Nebelung is a rare pedigree breed of domestic cat.Nebelungs have long bodies, wide-set green eyes, long and dense fur, and mild dispositions. The name Nebelung — apparently a portmanteau of the German word Nebel ('mist' or 'fog'), and the name of a medieval Germanic saga, Nibelungen-Lied — is perhaps derived from the cat's distinctive silky blue-grey coat and from the breed's. Hi Melanie, it's hard to say without a pic but the long hair and chocolate /black coat with tufted ears is very interesting. My cat has tufted ears too. You could Google "cat breeds with tufted ears" and "long-haired breeds with chocolate coats." Suki is a very cute name. Congratulations. Sophie on January 05, 2020: Hello! The Scottish Fold is a small cat breed that comes in a mix of grey and white coat. The breed also has other colors and patterns including solid, tabby and white, and tabby. They can be short haired or long haired. The short-haired variety has a dense coat which is soft to the touch.

The Russian Blue is long, slender, and muscular. She sports a blue-grey double coat that is plush and silky to the touch, making her appear somewhat larger than she is. As a kitten, her eyes are yellow; with age, they become a vivid green. Of the many grey cat breeds, the Russian Blue is the only one considered to be hypoallergenic. The wild ancestor of the domestic cat species had tabby stripes. Through breeding, a variety of different patterns and markings developed over time. Feature Colors Eye Color Typically cats have green, yellow, or blue eyes in a variety of shades. All kittens are born with blue eyes, but their true color develops between 6 and 8 weeks old. Whether they are a grey cat breed with longhair or shorthair, whether they have sparkling blue eyes or deep green peppers, the grey can accentuate other features while also being stunning in its own right. Grey cat breeds with yellow eyes, in particular, have a piercing gaze which makes them look quite remarkable.

Pedigreed cats with blue (what dark gray is called in cat colours) coats tend to have copper or aqua green eyes. If you have a blue coated cat with yellow eyes it's most likely a domestic – a cat of no particular breed just like over 97% of the cats on this entire planet. 1. Russian Blue. Known for their mesmerising dark grey coats with a shimmering silver hue and captivating green eyes, the Russian Blue is one of the most famous grey cat breeds. With such a dense, plush coat, it may actually surprise you to know that these cats are hypoallergenic, making them particularly well suited to those with allergies.The Russian Blue prefers to live in less busy. Here's a cat long associated with luxury. The first Persian cat to come to Europe in the 1600's has silky gray fur but now can come in every color and pattern. Still, gotta love those smoky grays. With that snub nose, shoe button eyes and long, lustrous coat, it's no wonder the Persian is the world's most popular cat breed.

His father is a long haired grey pointed white cat, with ice blue eyes and he is massive.. pink paw pads, a roundish head with a triangular face, light greenish yellow oval eyes, she’s a tiny girl (approx. 6 1/2 pounds), and sweet tempered and loving to me (she follows me around my house), but very playful.. long hair, dilute calico. The silver tip gives this cat an overall glow. This grey colored coat cat has a striking green eyes and a head that is heart shaped. The kittens of this cat breed are born with blue eyes, which changes to amber and eventually turn green after two to four years. It takes time for these cats to mature and is known as ugly ducklings when they are. If you fancy grey cat breeds with yellow eyes, you’ve got a winner. However, there’s a catch—you have to enjoy the color while it lasts. This is because only kittens come with yellow eyes. This lasts as long as the kitten is less than four months old.

The Persian cat is basically a breed of the cat having long hair. These cats are elegant and sophisticated with a loving and calm nature. The Grey and white Persian Cats are supposed to be more intelligent than other cat breeds. Persian cats demand more care and attention. These cats should be kept with proper care and cleaning.

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