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The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world and has tons of cuteness and charm! Pale Fox: The pale fox is native to the semiarid regions of the Sahara desert. The pale fox is long bodied with short legs and a narrow muzzle. Their tails are bushy and black tipped. They are omnivores and make all of the same vocalizations as fennec foxes. A pet fox can be a intriguing and rewarding companion. Regardless of what type of fox you adopt, you will need a good veterinarian who is comfortable with your pet. All our fennec foxes are spayed and nurture. Your goal should be to encourage their natural behaviors while establishing a strong bond with them.

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Fennec Fox. Common Name: Fennec Fox. Scientific Name: Vulpes Zerda. General Information: Fennec Fox originate from Sahara of North Africa, the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian desert. The average lifespan is 10 – 14 years in captivity. Adult size is approximately 8" at shoulder. Diet: Fennec Fox are opportunistic eaters. They forage for plants.

Fennec fox pet for sale. Fennec Fox for Sale. The smallest of all canids, fennec foxes sport extraordinarily large ears that help them hunt at night. They are native to Africa and Arabia where they live in deserts and arid regions. Their coats are long, soft, and thick and range in color from reddish cream to light fawn to almost white. Fennec Fox Price. Before you consider adding a Fennec fox to the family, check on the legal issues concerning the exotic pet in your area. As of 2014, the states that ban the possession of Fennec foxes are Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington. Meanwhile, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas require permits and certificates for. Fennec Fox for sale. 05/08/2019 ask. (805) 931 6056. Other ads Pet Type: Exotic animals Pet Price: ask. home raised and socialized. They have been raised in our home along my kids and other animals. Each Fennec fox comes along with all the required papers.Delivery is possible for more inquiries Text (805)-931-6056.

Adorable female fennec fox Kits are here! Bottle raised kits 8-12 weeks old now available. Fennec Foxes are one of the best foxes for pet quality. This is the perfect age to get them. They get lots of attention and are ready for their new, loving homes. We are USDA licensed and inspected for over 25 years! The Legality of Fennec Fox Ownership. Before you even consider purchasing a fennec fox, read the care guides and plan your visits to meet one, or ogle babies for sale near you, you must realize that these animals are not legal in many places due to overbearing laws on exotic animal ownership. An optimal diet for a pet fennec fox is a commercial wild canid diet, which is what many zoos feed them. But most owners feed their fennecs a mix of dog food, cat food, vegetables, and fruit. It's especially important to make sure a fennec's diet has an adequate amount of taurine, an amino acid that’s key for many metabolic processes in the body.

Gift Shop & Pet Supplies. Contact Us. Janda Forum. More. Fennec Fox For Sale . We have Fennec Foxes for sale in Texas and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! Each baby comes with feeding supplies and a sample of food. Our babies do not come de-clawed or de-fanged.. Fennec fox babies for sale :(xxx) xxx-xxx9 José Luis. Male and Female Baby Fennec foxes for sale, they are Bottle fed loves to cuddle. USDA lic.. Fennec Fox, Georgia » Atlanta Although the father Fennec fox plays a big role in his children’s lives, he is still partially banned from the den until the babies are a couple of months old. His primary job is to find food and keep the den safe. The Fennec fox and its reproduction is important to its ecosystem. They keep the balance of many different rodent and insect species.

Fennec Fox For Sale, Fennec Fox Kit, Fennec Fox baby, Fennec Fox breeder, Exotic Animal, Fox, Exotic Pet, Cute animal, The NON REFUNDABLE deposit paid below will be credited to the total price Balance due at pick up or before arranged transportation. Licensed Fennec Fox Babies For Sale-Text-206-508-5582 . Los Angeles:Antelope Valley. Usda and Fwc Licensed Fennec Fox Babies For Sale, , They are 15 weeks old and are tamed, home raised and socialised.Do you want a male or female?. M. The fox will hunt for its food at night. Owning a Fennec Fox The Fennec Fox is a social animal. They will be found in the wild in groups of up to 10-15 individuals. Fennec's being a social animal will make them a good pet because like the domestic dog, they will enjoy your company and want to be with you.

Fennec fox for sale. If you are thinking about getting new, exotic, but adorable pet, Fennec fox should be the one to consider. Fennec fox is a beautiful animal that will melt your heart at the first sight, and if you are looking for Fennec fox for sale, you are at the right place. Fennec Fox For Sale. We have Fennec Fox for sale in Houston TX and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! Our Fennec Fox babies come hand raised, extensively socialized, dewormed, vet checked and each will come with all hand feeding supplies and food samples necessary. New York Pet Fox. Species allowed: Fennec Foxes. Permit Required: No. Fennec foxes are the only species of fox legal in New York State because fennec fox owners got into contact with lawmakers and brought their pets in to sway this decision. There is some confusion that red foxes are legal in New York, but they aren’t.

Each Pet Comes With: [Papers, Written Health Guarantee, One Month Food & Free Toys] They are ready to go to their new homes today. Our shipping is totally safe and stress free. Make sure you take into consideration how much work a fennec fox will be before you say “I want one!” just because they are cute. Am having a male and female weeks old fennec fox for sale. Contact me at – for more information. Tools. Over 4 weeks ago on Advertigo. Fennec fox for sale Kansas City, KS. We have. Male and Female household raised baby Fennec Foxes pet for new. Tools. Over 4 weeks ago on Advertigo. Charming fennec fox available Kansas City, KS. Barbie is a. Fennec Fox Pup. Fennec Fox Pup is a small canine that is about 16 inches long. They usually don’t weigh any more than 3.3 pounds. They are light brown or tan in color with white areas. They feature very long pointed ears and a long slender muzzle. The Fennec Fox lives in groups that may have up to 10 members.

The fennec fox weighs about 0.68 kg to 1.6 kg (roughly 1.5 to 3.5 pounds) with a body length of about 20-40 cm (8 to 16 inches). They are considered one of the smallest Canidae species in the world. Their tails are about 20cm-30 cm (3 to 12 inches) long with a black tip. The fennec fox has rather pungent faeces, but they can be trained to use a litter box, and providing that this is not left to fester, should not prove offensive to the nose! The body of the fox itself is not strongly scented, and they are not considered to be a smelly pet. However, they do have a scent gland at the tip of the tail that releases. Animals Sale Categories . Cats for sale; Dogs for sale; Birds for sale; Fish for sale;. Rodents; Breeds . Cat Breeds; Dog Breeds; Registration . Login; Post add; Add Post New Ad; Male Fennec Fox Kit. 09/22/2020 860 $ Contact with owner. Texas, Austin, 78705. Pet Price: 860 $.

Fennec Fox For Sale. Pet Fennec Fox Care Sheet What is a fennec fox and can you own one? The allure of owning a fennec fox as a pet is understandable. These Chihuahua-sized canids are distinctive in their appearance as well as being a true fox species that is smaller than the iconic red and grey foxes that are native to North America. Foxes are.

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