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The best dog food for your caucasian shepherd dog must be AAFCO compliant, safe, affordable, and made with high-quality ingredients (predominantly meat). More specifiably, the best food for your unique caucasian shepherd dog will also depend on the following: age, weight, health, activity level, and budget. The Average Price for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog breed in the UK is : £1,028 for Non KC Registered Dogs. This price is calculated by averaging all of the adverts placed for sale on the website throughout the year 2018, for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog dog breed.

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The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is mostly considered to be a healthy breed, but like many giant breeds, they can be prone to hip dysplasia. They may also develop cataracts. One of the most common.

Caucasian shepherd dog weight. History of Caucasian Ovcharka. It’s believed that the Caucasian Shepherd dogs have been around for more than 2,000 years. Although its first official Show-Ring appearance outside the Caucasus was in the 1930s in Germany, the Caucasian Mountain Dog has existed since ancient times, like many Eastern Molossers. I have a 3-month-old Caucasian Ovcharka Shepherd who is 21 kgs (46.2 lbs) and is 21 inches tall. Can anyone provide the growth chart tables for this dog breed? General Characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd. Other names: Caucasian Ovcharka, Kawkasky Owtscharka, Caucasian Sheepdog, and Kaukasische Schaferhund Height: 23 to 30 inches; Weight: 100 to about 220 pounds; Lifespan: 10 to 12 years; Origin: Caucasus region

Mainly bred to catch bears and protect flocks of sheep from wolves and thieves, the Caucasian Ovcharka, the tall, strong-boned, muscular, black-nosed, wide-headed, large-featured dog is covered with short coat, having strong paws with hair between their toes.In Russian, they are called Кавказская Овчарка or Кавказский Волкодав. Russian Bear Dog Breed Overview Registered with the American Kennel Club as the Caucasian Shepherd the Russian Bear dog is a guardian. Renowned for being a protector, the Russian Bear Dog, is often described as an unpredictable attacker, however, this could not be further from the truth. The Caucasian Shepherd is a large breed of dog, with males standing at an impressive 72-75cms at the shoulders and weighing up to 100kg. The females are somewhat shorter, measuring between 60-70cms and reaching weights of 80kg.

As a giant-sized breed, Caucasian Shepherd Dog puppy development typically spans 18-24 months from birth to full maturity. Physical Development: CSD puppies grow steadily in height and length for the first 8-9 months, then those growth rates slow somewhat while the adolescent "fills out" by gaining muscle mass and fat. A CSD normally reaches its full adult size (an average of 28 inches at the. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a working dog breed that originated from the Russian Caucasus Mountains, mostly used a livestock guardian dog. It’s a large dog breed at about 24 to 34 inches tall, weighing between 80 to 220 pounds. The lifespan of the Caucasian Shepherd is around 10 to 12 years. This is a […] The Caucasian Shepherd dog is a serious guardian breed and should never be taken lightly. The Caucasian is bold, fearless, self-confident and fierce when a threat is present, but he is soft.

The Caucasian shepherd gets its name from the Caucasus mountains, which are home to one of the oldest living Molosser dog breeds. While Caucasian shepherd is the most common name for these noble dogs, alternatives include Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian sheepdog, Caucasian mountain dog, Kavkaski Owtscharka, and Kaukasische Schaferhund. The Caucasian shepherd is a foreboding dog, fearsome in stature, height, and weight alone. These dogs are quite large, but this is understandable when you remember why these dogs were originally bred in the first place. Caucasian Shepherd Dog . Height: 25-28 inches Weight: 99-154 lb Lifespan: 10-12 years Group: AKC Foundation Stock Service Best Suited For: Experienced dog owners, houses with a yard, families with older children, farm/rural areas, guard duty Temperament: Assertive, strong-willed, protective, alert Comparable Breeds: Tibetan Mastiff, Central Asian Shepherd Dog New Search

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. Weight / Height: The male Caucasian Shepherd dog breed’s height is around 26 – 28 inches and weighs around 120 and 154 pounds. Female Caucasian Shepherd dogs can reach a size from 25 – 27 inches and weighs between 99 and 130 pounds. We have the most inclusive puppy weight calculator on the web with over 450 dog breed calculation formulas! Mixed breeds, too! Get an instant, mathematical estimate of how big your puppy will get. Our puppy weight calculator estimates the adult weight of your pup based on his current age, weight, and breed. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a strong willed, loyal, fearless dog.He is a formidable guard dog who is only suitable really to protect property such as large commercial estates, in prisons and by the Military.. Despite looking like an adorable cuddle monster – this breed is not a family pet!

The female shepherd is a bit smaller, with a desirable height range of 67-70 and a minimum of 64 cm at the withers, while its weight ranges between 45 and 65 kilos. The appearance and dimensions of this beautiful shepherd dog is given also by its muscular build and thick, multi-layered fur. Famous VIDEO: Caucasian Ovcharka comes to the USA History of the Breed. The Caucasian Shepherd, known also as Caucasian Mountain dog, is one of the oldest mastiff-type breeds, originating from the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and southern Russia). The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a breed of large livestock guardian dog from the Caucasus region. The breed was standardized and registered by the Soviet Union in the 20th century. However, the breed itself is native to the countries of the Caucasus region – Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Dagestan

History – Caucasian Shepherd for Sale This working dog is more than 2 000 years old, hailing from the Caucasus Mountains near the Georgian Republic, Russia. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed, always having been used to guard livestock in the mountains. Caucasian Ovtcharka, Caucasian Sheepdog, Caucasian Shepherd, Russian Mountain Dog, Caucasian Owcharka This ancient breed is large and in charge. They were bred in the mountains of Caucasus, somewhere between Europe and Asia and is known by many different names; the most common being the Caucasian Ovcharka or the Caucasian Shepherd. Vastelin the Caucasian Sheepdog at 2 years old—"This is my male dog named "Vastelin", a pure Caucasian Sheepdog from some of the best and famous world-class champion bloodlines in Russia.He won best representative of the breed in a dog show in Moscow. Vasil, as he is usually called, is a gentle giant and highly sociable when outdoors, or, outside his guard duty.

Real name: Caucasian Shepherd Other names: Caucasian Mountain Dog, Nagazi, Caucasian Ovcharka Origin: Georgia Breed type: Guardian Dog Weight: Male 50–100 kg (110–220 lb), Female 45–80 kg (100–180 lb) Height: Male 72–90 cm (28–35 in), Female 67–78 cm (26–31 in) Lifespan: 10 – 12 years

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