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Cats the movie, penned by Lee Hall and Hooper, helpfully reiterates this in a new scene between two characters, just in case the digital fur and all the cavorting distracts you from the plot. The headline of his one-and-a-half-star review: ‘Cats’ is a dog — a big, dumb, loud one.” The original stage show was marketed as a musical for the masses, Kevin Fallon noted in a critique.

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But no, CATS is far from the worst movie of the decade, much less the year. Any bad movie lover will be disappointed to find that it's a gawdy, confusing, and relentlessly obnoxious Broadway music.

Cats movie review reddit. Cats is indescribable. Let’s try. Truly, the most spectacular movie of the holiday season is Cats, and I write this half-expecting the movie’s marketers to use that as a pull quote on the. Cats review – will haunt viewers for generations No amount of A-list stars can save Tom Hooper’s dire Lloyd Webber adaptation from being a career low for all involved Simran Hans As of Friday evening, “Cats” had achieved a score of 20 percent on the movie-review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which offered this synopsis: “Despite its fur-midable cast, this Cats.

Producer Andrew Lloyd Weber has had multiple musicals take over Broadway for decades and then eventually make their way to the silver screen.Results have been mixed, but people were legitimately afraid of what would happen when it was announced a movie version of Cats was being directed by Tom Hooper—and they had every right to be. The Cats movie reviews are in, and folks, they are…not great. Reddit LinkedIn. Hooper has experience with movie musicals thanks to “Les Misérables,” his 2012 adaptation for Universal that grossed over $440 million worldwide and landed eight Oscar. Cats review – a purr-fectly dreadful hairball of woe 1 / 5 stars 1 out of 5 stars. The queasy fears prompted by one of the most disturbing movie trailers ever seen are realised in full in Tom.

Movie Review. When Victoria is tossed into the entrance of a dirty alley, just off a night-darkened London square, the young and frightened cat has no idea what might befall her. She simply knows she’s no longer wanted. Stuffed in a bag and discarded, she’s no longer loved. But the delicate and beautiful white cat is certainly not … alone. The Cats movie is weird as heck, but our reviewer absolutely loved it on its own terms. Read our review to see what we mean. From the moment that the first trailer dropped for Tom Hooper's film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway classic "Cats," the internet's mouths have been firmly agape. The fur-covered cast of all-star actors (and Jason Derulo) was a nasty shock to the system and it was difficult to see how the movie would end up being, well, any good.

‘Cats’ Review: Going to the Dogs Lacking a story and filled with forgettable music, the film is an artistic hairball. Watch the trailer for the movie ‘Cats.’ This leaves a film with a lot of signing and dancing, a lacklustre plot and limited dialogue, as the movie crams a ALWebber's Cats was a hugely popular stage show on the West End, Broadway, and around the world. The core of this movie is based on that musical performance, and it's songs. Review embargo just lifted for Cats. Apparently it's purr-ty bad. This is getting absolutely destroyed by critics. Some of these reviews are legit "worst of the year" contenders. Lots of savage (and hilarious) 1/10 or 2/10 reviews. This movie just went from Oscar-hopeful to Razzies-favorite. It's a total trainwreck.

"Best horror film of the year!" Being back in my hometown for the holidays (which has like, ONE bar, by the way) has led me to a new favorite hobby: reading Rotten Tomatoes user reviews of Cats. Attention, moviegoers searching for the worst movie of the year: We have a late-breaking winner. Cats slips in right under the radar and easily scores as the bottom of the 2019 barrel — and. 11,211 votes and 5,951 comments so far on Reddit

Cats Review: Ignore the Haters, Enjoy the Music and Dancing. If you liked Cats the musical, you will like the film, the scathing reviews are just bullies piling on. Movie Review – Cats (2019) December 22, 2019 by Shaun Munro. Share 16. Tweet. Reddit. Flip. Pin.. Cats is a 110-minute movie entirely concerned with various elaborately-dressed and. The review embargo for the upcoming movie adaptation of Cats, directed by Tom Hooper, lifted on Wednesday night and critics all across the internet have been coughing up furballs.. If you're not familiar with the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Cats is based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. It's essentially about a bunch of felines — called Jellicle cats.

Cats hits cinemas today, and the majority of reviews for the movie are extremely negative. The internet was immediately perplexed when the Cats trailer premiered in July, and now that people have seen it, it doesn't appear reception has warmed at all. The adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical is Oscar-winner Tom Hooper's second foray into the genre, after 2012's Les Miserables. Now that the embargo has lifted, Reddit compiled all the reviews, highlighting the worst pull quotes, which range from The Hollywood Reporter calling it “Cat-astrophic,” to The Playlist dramatically stating that “theater is dead.” Yikes. ‘Cats’ – Review Thread from movies. The reviews ranged from critiques about the absolute madness of the production to confusion over the choice. The reviews for Cats are pretty forthright. In fact, the rampant inconsistencies, bizarre stylistic choices and straight-up horniness of Cats seems to have broken the brains of many reviewers. We.

Cats, the new movie adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, is a star-studded, digital-fur-technology-enhanced affair starring James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer.

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