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Hurricane Laura has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm TK as it continues barreling toward Louisiana and Texas, becoming the sixth documented hurricane to ever hit the U.S. at this level. At 7 a.m., the center of Hurricane Laura was located near latitude 31.2 North, longitude 93.3 West. Laura is moving toward the north near 15 mph (24 km/h) and this motion should continue through.

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The first recorded hurricane 5 to hit the continental U.S. landed on Labor Day in 1935. It blew through the upper Florida Keys with winds speeds up to 200 miles per hour and killed over 400 people.

Cat 5 hurricane winds video. To be classified as a hurricane, a tropical cyclone must have one-minute maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph (33 m/s; 64 kn; 119 km/h) (Category 1).The highest classification in the scale, Category 5, consists of storms with sustained winds over 156 mph (70 m/s; 136 kn; 251 km/h).The classifications can provide some indication of the potential damage and flooding a hurricane will cause. Laura went from a Category 1 with winds of 75 mph to a category 4 with winds of 140 mph in 24 hours. In 2018 Hurricane Michael jumped from Category 2 to Category 5 in one day before hitting the. President Donald Trump said Sunday that he's "not sure that (he's) ever even heard of a Category 5" hurricane, despite four such storms — including Hurricane Dorian — having threatened the US.

Cat 5 Hurricane Dorian landed in the Elbow Cay, Abacos Bahamas with 185 mph winds and gusts over 225 mph. It’s moving very slowly, 7 mph, which makes it more dangerous. Abacos is only 20 feet above sea level. The ABC News team in the Bahamas reports “catastrophic damage” due to Hurricane Dorian, including boats […] At Cat 5 Hurricane Screens LLC in Brooksville, FL, we manufacture durable screens for homes and establishments. We are dedicated to producing the strongest wind abatement system that can withstand storms. Our products are made from high-quality materials. Contact us for more details. The hurricane's storm surge could reach 30 miles inland and winds could leave people without power for weeks — and Laura may reach Category 5 before landfall.

A Category 5 Atlantic hurricane is a tropical cyclone that reaches Category 5 intensity on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale, within the Atlantic Ocean to the north of the equator.They are amongst the strongest tropical cyclones that can form on earth and have 1-minute sustained wind speeds of over 137 knots (254 km/h; 158 mph; 70 m/s).The United States National Hurricane Center. The Atlantic hurricane season still has more than a month left, but one notable streak could come to an end in this record-breaking year. – Videos from The Weather Channel | Fortessa 200 house is designed to withstand winds up to 245 mph, way more than CAT 5 winds. Hurricane proof log house Fortessa Caribbean 200 was designed to withstand winds of more than 245 mph and this is even faster than Hurricane Irma was in 2017.

In a Category 5 hurricane, the highest category hurricane, winds are 157 mph or higher. People, livestock and pets can be in danger from flying debris, even indoors. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 60 miles from the center. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 160 miles. Air Force Recon Mission. Since 1924 there has been 32 hurricanes documented reaching Category 5. That is about one out of every 3 years. There have been 5 years with more than one Cat 5 in a single season. WARNING Cat 5 Hurricane 300 KM WINDS Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea Atlantic East Coast 23 Aug 2012. Surprisebreed. Follow. 5 years ago | 7 views. WARNING Cat 5 Hurricane 300 KM WINDS Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea Atlantic East Coast 23 Aug 2012. Report. Browse more videos.

Tropical Cyclone Amphan located in the Bay of Bengal has strengthened with winds topping 260 kph (or 160 mph) which is equivalent to a super typhoon or a category 5 Atlantic hurricane. Landfall is. The National Hurricane Center released its final report on Hurricane Maria Monday and concluded that parts of the mountainous island likely got blasted by more fierce Cat 5 winds. At a Glance. After analysis, the National Hurricane Center found Hurricane Michael made landfall at Cat. 5 intensity. Michael was only the fourth Category 5 landfall on record in the U.S.

Scientists at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed post-storm analysis on all the data available for Hurricane Michael and have determined that the storm’s estimated intensity at landfall was 140 knots (160 mph). This final wind intensity is a 5 knot (5 mph) increase over the operational estimate and makes Michael a category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind. The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) ranks hurricanes between 1 to 5 on what is known as the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which assigns storms a category based on sustained wind speed. Hurricane Dorian: Category 5 Storm Brings 'Catastrophic Conditions' To Bahamas With sustained winds of 185 mph, Dorian is hitting the Bahamas as "the strongest hurricane in modern records" to hit.

The CAT-5 Hurricane Net began as an idea by Engineering Express owner Frank Bennardo PE to cover an entire house with an open mesh fabric. After witnessing the 2004 storm season damage to homes which extended far beyond windows and doors, it was apparent that a product needed to be created to do more- protect and hold down roofs, mobile homes, sheds, signs, boats, etc. Hurricane Lane is a dangerous Category 5 hurricane, with sustained winds of 160mph. The center of Lane is forecast to pass just west of the Big Island Thursday, likely weakening to a category 2 or. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a 1 to 5 rating based on a hurricane's sustained wind speed. This scale estimates potential property damage. Hurricanes reaching Category 3 and higher are considered major hurricanes because of their potential for significant loss of life and damage.

2014-01-28T01:49:37.000Z. The video above shows the damage that wind speed in a hurricane can cause, depending on the storm’s category. With Hurricane Irma heading to southern Florida as a.

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