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Here are some DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher tutorials and ideas using simple, inexpensive items lying around at home. By making your own cat scratcher, not only will you be saving some cash, but you might also stop your cat scratching away at unfavorable places. So long as you have a couple cardboard boxes, some tape, a pair of scissors, and marker lying around, you already have everything you need to make this two-storey cat house outlined step by step on Jonasek The Cat!We like the way the floors are separate rather than being cut out to join in the middle, technically giving kitty two different places to sleep in one.

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Cardboard cat house diy. Project #1: Easy DIY Cardboard Cat House. We will start our list of DIY cardboard cat houses with this easy project suitable for people who have little to no prior experience with DIY projects. For this DIY project, you will need: A cardboard box. A cardboard sheet for the roof. A utility knife. A ruler. A hot glue gun Aug 12, 2018 – Explore Georgina Zupnik's board "cardboard cat house" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cardboard cat house, Cat house, Cat diy. 2. KREMLIN CAT CASTLE PLAY HOUSE. For the less DIY inclined, why not opt for a pre-designed cardboard cat house that will just require a bit of simple assembly? This Kremlin cat house from Poopy Cat is a decadent castle for your regal kitty.

I already did a DIY for a water bowl if you want to get even more cat crazy. This DIY can be customized in many ways so the sky is the limit! The most important thing is your base. I used two boxes for the house structure, my Hello Fresh delivery box and an Amazon box. The size of the box(es) you have will determine the shape of your house. The basic tools and materials include size same-size sturdy cardboard boxes (we used 12-by-14-by-18-inch boxes from The Home Depot; use larger boxes for a large cat), our printable door and window templates, a pencil, a bone folder (like this 6-inch one from Paper Source), a ruler (such as Martha Stewart's Gold Metal-Edge Ruler), a retractable razor blade or utility knife (try WORKPRO's. Jan 11, 2018 – Explore Sharon Samuel's board "cardboard cat house", followed by 376 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cat room, Cat furniture, Cat diy.

DIY Cardboard Cat House. Get here the super inexpensive hack to build a cool and colorful cat house. This time make a cat cave using cardboard. Get here free plans and instructions to build a nice one at home. You need a cardboard box, a cardboard sheet, and custom embellishments to adorn the completed cardboard cat house.. Here are some fun and creative DIY cardboard box designs you can make for your cat! Safety Precautions If you need to use tape for your design, make sure it is flush with the cardboard so your cat cannot chew on it or digest it. Cardboard Cat House: A year ago I had the honor to be a Featured Author on this site. One of the questions I was asked in the interview was about the next big project I planned to make. My answer was "a bed for my cat". Actually, my idea was to recreate a cardboard cat …

Build a cardboard diy cat house. A guide to rebuilding: In a rented apartment, a permanent entrance and exit is difficult to achieve and at high cost. A very good alternative solution is a cat house. You need to worry less about her getting sick or terrorized by other cats. In case of danger or rain, she can simply find shelter in the cat house. The first step in making your new DIY cat house is to form a VW bus shapeout of the cardboard box. To do this, lay your cardboard box on the floor lengthwise so that the two openings on the right and left are exposed. Seal the rear side of the VW bus (in this case the left opening) with masking tape or adhesive tape. If you're going to build a cardboard castle for your cat, you might as well make it an epic one. We made ours extra royal with a festive drawbridge, twin towers, grass courtyard, water feature, and fortress walls. Our kitties have been playing king and queen ever since! Assemble two of the tall.

DIY Cardboard Cat House. This colorful cardboard cat house is made using cardboard. Here is the DIY! 2. Crochet Shark Cat House. Combine your love for crocheting, cats, and sharks with this DIY cat house project which is brought to you by. Btw if you want even more entertainment for your cat, take a look at my list of 50 ways to entertain your cat and also these 10 easy to make DIY cat toys. How to make a simple DIY cardboard cat playhouse. Here is what you will need to make this simple cat playhouse with how-to instructions. 4. DIY Cardboard Tower Cat Scratcher. Combining the utilities of a toy, a cat tree, and a scratching board in one design. This DIY cardboard tower offers endless entertainment to bored kitties whose masters are away for long hours. The video tutorial is here. 5. Roll Your Own Super Simple Cardboard Cat Scratcher. Made by rolling strips of.

DIY cardboard cat house (via ModernJune) This classy cat furniture post with cardboard scratcher constitutes a quality wood construction with stain and fade resistant carpet covering. A good choice for the cat and his owner, who can now sleep safe, not worrying about his couch or table. DIY Cardboard Cat House. This post and its photos may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! 6. Easy to Make a Cardboard Cat House. This DIY cardboard cat house features a bus theme in its design. The house has everything; doors, windows, steering, and wheels. The logo of Mercedes brings an X factor in the cat house. After all, your special cat deserves a special place to relax. dcfixbrand. 7.

DIY Shingled Cat House Cardboard: Here is how you can provide your little cute cat a perfectly comfy and cute cat house to relax and sleep in and that too without spending a penny. Yes, the lovely cat house has been made out of a cardboard box with the colorful cardstock pieces used to form a beautiful scalloped rooftop on the cat house. Taiwan Present Meow House Cardboard Corrugated Paper Cat Playhouse. This cardboard cat house looks absolutely crazy – three levels, built-in scratchers, and visually looks so durable and over-built it’s mad. It’d probably be the best completely cardboard playhouse imaginable – essentially a cardboard cat tree equivalent, or well nearly. Cardboard Cat House Scratcher. This cat scratcher cum house looks attractive, doesn’t it? Your pet can stay holed up in it and come out whenever it wishes to. The scratch friendly surface comes as a plus. Cardboard Cat Scratcher House. 3.. DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher Cube.

3. Beehive Cardboard Cat House from Instructables Image: Instructables Skill Level: Beginner Now we’re inspired by the use of some spare cardboard, what about this stylish Beehive Cardboard Cat House from Instructables?The stylish and eye-catching design is created from layer upon layer of cardboard circles, with a door in the lower sections.

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