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Bully sticks are very good at maintaining good dental health for dogs, and can help prevent tooth decay by stopping the buildup of plaque on the teeth. They come in a range of sizes, so for a fully grown lab, it would be safer to buy a wider one (they are readily available up to around 4 inches thick) to help minimize the risk of large chunks. Bully Sticks for Dogs. Whatever the breed may be, its no secret dogs love bully sticks and we have a wide collection to keep your pup happy, healthy and engaged. From thin to thick, 4 inch to 12 inch, you can find the right chew for your pet. Made from 100% beef, bully sticks help keep your dog engaged and relives the instinctual urge to chew.

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Bully sticks for dogs. Bully sticks are predominantly protein, which dogs use as a primary source of energy. Bully sticks, while low in fat, do have between 9-22 calories per inch. So if your dog is eating more than he should per day, as with any treat or even his food, he will likely gain weight. Bully sticks aren’t just a safe treat for dogs, but offer a variety of health benefits, and give your dog something to chew. Bully sticks are easily digestible, unlike some other chews or treats. Handling Bully Sticks. Most pet owners who give their dogs bully products or bully sticks do not know that they are made of bull penis. Manufacturers don’t come right out and say what it is on.

A bully stick is a single-ingredient dog chew that is made from high-protein beef muscle, specifically, the pizzle (or penis) of a bull. Dogs of any breed, size or age can take advantage of their many great benefits of this dog treat while satisfying their natural instinct to chew. Why are bully sticks good for my dog? Giving your dog a bully stick has many benefits. B These bully sticks are also packed with protein, the building block of strong, healthy muscles and joints, making them an ideal choice for dogs that are prone to joint issues, like Great Dances, German Shepherds, Dachshunds, and Labrador Retrievers; offered with a high protein dog food, your furry friend will get a healthy dose of this vital. Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs? There’s conflicting information about the safety of bully sticks for dogs. Most of the buzz on the web from veterinarians and all-natural dog-product websites say these chews are not only safe, but they also provide easily digestible beef protein nutrition , rich in taurine (an amino acid that contributes to.

The reason why most best dog bully sticks for dogs are a better alternative to rawhide is because they offer the same benefits of rawhide chews – dental care, satisfying oral stimulation needs. Bully sticks to dogs are like bacon to humans: an irresistible, flavorful treat that will leave pups begging for more. But unlike bacon (which is not the healthiest food for people or pups), Pawstruck bully sticks for dogs offer a ton of health benefits to make pet owners smile and pups’ tails wag. Pawstruck Bully Sticks for Dogs (Bulk Bags by Weight) Natural & Odorless Bullie – Bully Bones Made for Dog & Puppies – Best Long Lasting Odor Free Chew Dental Treats 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,280 $22.49 – $42.99

Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, come in dried, raw, or cooked form, as well as in a variety of dimensions, sizes, shapes (including braided), and flavors. They are hard in consistency, which allows for dogs to chew on them, says Wiedmeyer. Don't worry, they are equally delicious and nutritious as our famous odor free bully sticks. You can get jerky for dogs, elk antlers for dogs, dog bones, pig ears and more. Alongside with our high-quality, delicious and 100% all-natural dog chews, My Bully Sticks is proud to offer fast, free shipping to all pet parents on orders over $49!. Larger dogs require bigger treats, so these 12-inch bully sticks are an easy way to keep your medium to large breed pup happily occupied. Nature Gnaws are made of free-range, grass-fed cattle—and only free-range, grass fed cattle—and the sticks are certified by a food safety lab before being inspected and hand-packed in the United States.

Bully sticks are pretty tough, and will give even strong chewing dogs a good 30 minutes of chewing time. Smaller dogs may even get a few hours or days out of a bully stick. All that chewing is great for teeth, due to the mechanical abrasion which helps remove tartar. In addition to many not knowing what bully sticks are, 71% of people feeding bully sticks to their dogs said they avoided pet foods containing by-products, with most not being able to correctly identify what by-products really are. A Safe Bully Stick for Dogs. Bully sticks are generally regarded as safer for dogs than rawhides. This fact is in part because bully sticks are processed a lot less than rawhide chews. There are two basic steps to making a bully stick: cut off part of a bull and dry it. Use one with the SafetyChew ring, and you have a safe bully stick for dogs.

Reviews of the 7 Best Bully Sticks for Dogs and Puppies 1. Best Bully Sticks Supreme. Best Bully sticks is one of the most trusted brands. And, their Supreme Sticks are no exception. Made from 100%, all-natural, grass-fed beef, these sticks provide a wholesome snack. Shape And Thickness; Bully sticks, like all dog chews, come in a variety of shapes, and while you may think there isn’t any nutritional difference to the shape you choose, it can actually affect how quickly your dog gets through it.Most bully sticks come in thin, regular, and thick widths. For dogs with stronger jaws, try a bully stick that’s braided, curled, or thick. When you buy bully sticks for dogs, you are paying for a product that will be used, on a regular basis, by your dog. It may be used over again for the rest of its life. There are bully sticks that have had a napkin stuck to them to preserve their color and allow them to be displayed in a frame for years to come.

Best Bully Sticks provides high-quality, all-natural bully sticks, dog treats, and dog chews. Our bully sticks and other products come from livestock and are crafted into totally natural, protein-rich dog treats and chews. Unlike chemically treated rawhides that promote bacteria growth and can present a choking hazard, bully sticks are hygienic. Bully Sticks, Dental Chews, Large Dogs, Medium Dogs ODOURFREE Jumbo Bully Sticks 50 6″ Bully sticks(2×25) $ 156.30. Add to cart. Quick View. Large Dogs, Medium Dogs, Small Dogs Arthro-angus chew 1LB strips at $20.40 (avg 44-50 per bag) $ 20.40. Add to cart. Quick View. Featured Products. Hot. The majority of bully sticks are simple straight sticks. Dogs can usually chew through these pretty quickly, though, so you may prefer curly, braided, or ring-shaped bully sticks instead. Ring-shaped options usually take the longest for a dog to chew, but braided sticks are often the most effective for cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums..

Bully sticks have become the go-to chew for dogs. They're viewed as a safer, more nutritious alternative to some other chew products, including rawhide. According to The Canine Journal , bully sticks are made from bull penises, which are 100 percent beef tendon.

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